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Stronger, Safer, Smarter Homes

DEFENDER TECHNOLOGIES is the exclusive United States supplier of innovative 
poured-in-place, insulated concrete form wall systems and related training for
developers and builders. These efficient and affordable wall systems provide
protection for homes and low-rise commercial structures against hurricanes,
tornadoes, earthquakes, fire, termites, mold, mildew, carpenter ants, and small
arms fire. Also resistant to flood damage, mud slides and sinkholes.

 Governor Bentley
The South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce conducted a Ribbon Cutting for
Defender Technologies, LLC. The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony celebrated the
grand opening of the first home in the United States that will not only withstand
winds up to 200 mph plus, but is fire resistant, termite resistant, resist mold, resist
earthquakes up to 7.0 and is water resistant. For more information on Defender
Technologies, visit www.defendertechnologies.net or call  251-504-6907

What is Defender Technology?

Defender Technology is an innovative building system
invented and developed in the Philippines , by inventor and 
designer, Mark Taylor, an engineer from the UK. Mark is the patent 
holder for a range of custom manufactured concrete form systems
for the building of all types of concrete constructions from residential,
commercial and industrial applications, with main facilities in Manila,
Philippines. Licensed/franchised factories, joint ventures and
projects globally in locations such as Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Dubai,
Vietnam, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, Bonaire, Curacao, Australia,
New Zealand, India's 8 Cities, Nigeria, Tanzania, UK, Ireland, South
Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Bahrain, Saudi, Abu Dhabi,
Dubai, and many other country‚Äôs under negotiation. Defender has
exclusive rights to this technology in the United Sates and is looking
for builders, contractors, developers and individuals seeking to construct
homes and/or commercial buildings that are virtually tornado and
hurricane resistant (engineered to withstand winds up to 200+ mph).
This technology is resistant to fire, mold, termites, mildew, earthquakes,
and most small arms fire. It is ideal for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted
liviing facilities, and other places where people gather. 

  • Defender products are built with a unique permanent concrete form work.
  • It replaces other costly products such as steel, aluminum and plywood form works.

  • It is a complete load bearing wall and a complete rendered finish system.

  • On site assembly increases production well over 250%.

  • With with the use of unskilled labor to build high quality concrete homes and
    buildings, it will increase job production and profits. 

 Defender Advantages

  • Design flexibility allows any configuration imaginable while meeting all the client's requirements. It includes arches, curved walls, A-frames, balconies, verandahs, retaining walls, and large halls.

  • It saves energy equal to 40% or better while heating and cooling. The wall can be assembled in climates varying from (-22 F degree) to (+104 F degree).

  • This insulation foam core produces a thermally efficient unit (only in thermal panels).

  • It is a versatile solution used in the construction of houses, apartments, low rise urban buildings, commercial structures, office buildings, warehouses, storage facilities, etc.

  • Reduced utility cost.
  • Lower insurance rates up to 50%.


Latest News

USA News:  Sterling is proud to announce the full setup of USA operations of Plaswall is in full swing Defender Technologies, LLC. Sterling's USA partner has successfully started operations in the USA manufacturing the system and building its first homes.  With huge interest in building storm resistant structures in the USA from Developers and contractors, the business is expected to grow strongly. Headed by Riji Dixon a well established quality home builder with some 25 years experience , the system will be made available to many local and nationwide builders who will receive training and support from Defender Technologies on the use , design and application of Defender Systems. Video link : news usa 1